Our Mission

AddCarts Group Only For Those People Who Lives In India, Because It Develops Only For India.

We are a group of many websites; you can see it on services page. We create this platform for people to do everything online, just like donate to shopping. We are Indian so we think special for our concept. Our concept is income with development of India. Means, we give 10% of our income* to Indian government for developing country. Also, we give a chance to worldwide people do charity with us just click on donate us & make a payment. We will give money which is collect from donate for India + 10% of our income*
If you donate us just send your photo & detail with transaction no. or slip. We will save it when we collect all donate money than we search a list of people who are donate us with maximum amount. We publish this list with their photo & detail on our website “people who is donate us” section for one year.

Our Vision

A Complete Website For Who Use Internet For Many Work like as: Shopping, Reading, Selling, Chatting, Social Media, Forums, Online Work, Data Entry, Online tutor, Home-Based Work, Network Marketing & much more. A chance for charity (means If any one purchases a product from link on this website, I will earn some money. Then I have collected all earning from this site & I will deposit 10% of my whole earning from this website in charity. It will help people in various problems who are in emergency. It is not a big amount but it may be, if you support me). If you buy direct from their website, you would pay money to him. But if you buy from our site link, you visit their website & buy a product then you support me for charity. After all it is not me, you provide little or big amount or contribution for Charity. Its not me but its for you to show your kindness.so AddCarts Group created this platform, it is browsed by you & i will earn some money. It gives by you because you click or buy from our link. So friends continued it for Charity.