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AddCarts Group have some own program. We are only suggest you a better program on various platform. What you want tell me in my contact info i will upload for you in various methods.

About AddCarts Group

We are a group of many sites you can find in services sections We are Indians so our concept is income with charity. Means we give 10% of our profit to India government for developing country. Also we give a chance to people do charity with us . click on donate or charity & make payment. We will collect all charity payment + 10% of our website earning & deposite to India government for developing country.

AddCarts Group Founders

AddCarts Group Founded By Both Person, But Whole & Sole Of The Group Is Er. Shubhendu Pratap Singh!

Shubhendu Pratap Singh
Founder Of AddCarts Group
From Month Of February,2015 Er. Shubhendu Pratap Singh Has Enabled AddCarts Group. Now Operating As A Founder Of AddCarts Group. His 3D Policy Is: Dedication, Discipline & Desire. He Is The Whole & Sole Of The Group. He Lived In Etah With His Parents. He Enjoy Watching Movies & Interacting With People.
Yogendra Pal Singh
Co Founder Of AddCarts Group
Mr. Yogendra Pal Singh, Co-Founder Of AddCarts Group. With His Positive Approach And Fresh Thought Process He Provided A New Direction To The Business. He Hold Post Graduation Degree From Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra. He Lived In Etah With His Children. He Enjoy Watching Old Movies & Interacting With People.