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We are a group of many websites; you can see it on services page. We create this platform for people to do everything online, just like donate to shopping.

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In This Link You Can Find To Do Online Various Things, With Money Saving Guranteed. Here Are List Of Services Which Is Provide By AddCarts Group

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AddCarts Group Founders

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Er. Shubhendu Pratap Singh
Founder Of AddCarts Group
Mr. Yogendra Pal Singh
Co Founder Of AddCarts Group

A Website

Why is website needed?
There are millions of advertisers available on internet. If we place those advertisements in our website each click from your website on that advertisement gives about 10 rupees. Suppose per a day 10 people watches your website each one click 2 Advertisements on your website. Your monthly earnings are going to be Rs.10000 just by spending 30 minutes a day. After two months without working also you can earn good amounts of money.

Free Website
Simply Create a Blog Make at least 5 to 10 posts on any topic to attract more advertisers. The more the content in your website the more will be the chances to generate good revenues from your website. So choose different topics and post them in your Blog. Choose any topic From NEWS to Software, TEA to Automobiles, and Bicycle to Airplanes.

Follow these steps to get your free domain.

1-go to http://uni.me/
2- Enter any name that you wish to be your domain. (Select Extension Domain)
3- Register by creating a free account.
4- Go to your Email and copy the activation code which has been sent by this website.
4- Log in to your account and enter your activation code
5-Click on "Option” Button, in front of your Domain name..
6 -Enter your free website name as Target Url and enter any Page Title you want.
7-Click on Setup Button and you are done...your yola.com website will be forwarded or redirected to co.cc domain and your website name will be like this www.YourName.cz.cc

Proper Website

Step 1: Buying a domain name.
When picking a domain name, make sure it is simple to remember, fairly short (ideally 3 words of less), and easy to spell. Try to stick to a .com ending for your domain instead of anything else (instead of .net, .org, .info, etc.).
Note: I recommend you always buy a domain that ends in .com, no matter what country you reside in. They always do the best in terms of ranking in Google (no matter what country you do the search in).

Buy From Projects Section

Step 2: Next you need a hosting account.
This is because unreliable hosting companies have servers that go down making your websites crash or go offline, and some of them don't even keep backups of your websites, making you lose your hard work forever.

Buy From Projects Section

Step 3: Next you need to connect your domain to your hosting account.
When you got your confirmation email from hosting companies, they should have sent you two specific name servers that look something similar to this:

Keep these handy, because you're going to need them in a minute. The next step is to login to your domain account and then click on "Domains" and then on "Domain Management." Then click on your domain and then click on "Set Name servers." Once you do, click the option that says "I have specific name servers for my domain." Type in the two name servers that you were sent in your email into slot 1 and 2 (replace the name servers that are there if there are any). Press "OK" and you are done. Type your domain URL into your browser and keep refreshing your website every half hour or so until you see a login screen from hosting company.

Step 4: Installing WordPress on your Domain
When your website is displaying the Hosting company login screen, go ahead and press "cPanel" and login using the username and password you registered when you signed up for your hosting account. Once you are logged in, scroll down and click on the button that says "Quick Install". Next click on left hand side link WordPress. After that, click on the button that says "New Installation", fill out your information, press "Install WordPress", and you are done (the section of the fill out form that says "Install to Directory" can be left blank). Now go back to your website URL and refresh it and you should see the basic WordPress installation is there!

Using Your Blog
Once you have the basic WordPress installation on your domain, to start playing with your website and customizing it, you're going to have to login to the backend of your website by going to www.YourDomain.com/wp-admin (in other words, type in your domain URL and add /wp-admin to the end). Once you are there, login using the information you registered when you installed WordPress.

From this point on, anytime you want to modify your website, you would do it from this backend area


To get more visitors for your website follow these tips

Simple way to get more visitors:

1. You already created your website and now you have your own website Address.

2. Just copy your website address and paste where ever you want for eg:

Popularizing through social networks, facebook, Orkut, twitter etc., this opportunity is unlimited you can popular any number of links through traffic exchange sites.

What are the various tools required for your website. (Ex: Finding your website in Google search engine)





3. Have a grip on your website and know the performance of you website


In what way we invite the advertisers for your website.





(You can try them to put ads in your site/blog)

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